Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I have questions that are not covered in this FAQ's page. How can I get a hold of you?

A: Call us 4 days a week 9am through 5pm PST Friday through Monday or email us anytime. Emails received after business hours will not be returned until the following business day. Our apologies if we cannot answer your calls, but leave a detailed message with your contact information and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Click here to call or email.

Q: I'm not sure if I need a resole. How can I inspect my shoes to decide?

A: If you've had your shoes for a while and are beginning to notice a sizable difference in how they perform give them a good look. Any holes, tears, thin spots, or areas beginning to delaminate? If yes, then you should send them in. If not, look more closely. Flex the sole, squeeze it, and sink your fingernails into it. Chances are if you're feeling some major discomfort when standing on small edges and crystals you might be close to wearing through. Send them in. If the rand is showing significant signs of wear like holes and tears then send them in. We cannot replace a rand without replacing the sole too. Still unsure? Contact us.

Q: I know I need a resole, but am not sure if I need new rands too. Help?

A: Look very closely at the point where the sole meets the toe cap-all the way from your instep to your toes and around to the outside of your shoe. If your sole has worn thin in any one of these spots then you might be climbing on the rand rubber too-which isn't ideal. Poke with your fingernails, flex the shoe in all directions, and look closely. Some holes and splits are evident, but it's the small ones that are easy to miss. Dragging your toes up the wall while moving your foot to the next hold is a major culprit. You may not even know you're doing it. Continuously toe-hooking and jamming your foot in cracks often will wear the instep and outstep too-making for a more difficult replacement. Still unsure? Contact us.

Q: How can I order a repair?

A: Follow these simple steps: 1) Click the Resoles tab from the home page and choose the services you'd like. 2) Add selected services to the cart. 3) Click on the "Cart" button on the upper right portion of the screen. 4) Confirm the items and quantities in your cart, then click "Check Out". 5) Fill out all the information on the left of the screen. Contact and Shipping - Delivery Options - Repair Request Info -  Billing. 6) Double check all info is correct and click "Submit". 7) Ship your shoes to us and wait to hear from us when we receive your shoes. As soon as we get them we'll get started right away. (shipping addresses below)

Q: What if it turns out you decide my shoes are beyond repair? How can I get my money back?

A: We will contact you if we deem your shoes "unrepairable" to discuss the situation and decide if you want your shoes back, or if you'd like us to dispose of them. We will then refund your payment back to you. You will, unfortunately, have to eat the cost of shipping the shoes to us. That's why it's important to fully inspect your shoes before sending them to us. Any doubt/questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.

Q: I've ripped the leather on my shoes just above the heel from pulling hard to get them on. Can you fix that?

A: Soon! We are currently working on getting a stitching machine to fix your torn leather, velcro straps, and the tears you made in the toe box of your shoes from not resoling soon enough! Questions about those services and the charges associated with those will be answered when we get our machine.

Q: Will you resole just one shoe?

A:  No. If one of your shoes is in need of repair then the other one must be close as well. If we were to repair only one your shoes the pair would perform dramatically different. Is that really something you want? However, if you have only one foot, exceptions can be made. You'd have to prove it though!

Q: My toes are poking out of my shoe. Can you fix something like that?

A: Difficult to say without seeing them. Some shoes are simply beyond repair. If you can take some photos and email them to us we'd be glad to check them out. If the hole in the leather/synthetic upper is fixable then we'd be glad to help. *stitching repairs will be available soon.

Q: Why should I choose your services over the competition?

A: Good question! Here are some reasons;

     -We'll perform a high quality job with your repairs in a timely and professional fashion.

     -We charge a bit less than most of the other resolers out there so you can still afford chalk and crag snacks.

     -Currently our turn-around time is quick (4-7 days) and that means you'll be climbing again very soon.

     -Greater Tahoe Gripworks is the only resoler in the Lake Tahoe area, so if you're local, or visiting on vacation, you can just drop your shoes off and save on shipping cost.


*You are responsible for the cost (not included in total price at checkout) of getting your shoes to us at Greater Tahoe Gripworks. We will ship them back to you.

*The shipping cost you'll see at checkout is the return shipping cost only.

*Return shipping cost is $9.00 for first pair and an additional $2.00/pair afterwards.

*Please do not package your shoes with styrofoam, packaging peanuts, etc. Ship in whatever package works best for you, but know that we'll be returning your shoes to you in a box by Priority Mail. (helps to protect the new soles)

-Shipping Address:  

Greater Tahoe Gripworks




     We promise do our best to restore your climbing shoes to keep you climbing day after day.